Medicus Driver Review

Do You Want To Add Some Distance To Your Drives? Do You Need More Accuracy With Your Shots Off The Tees? If so, check out this review.

medicus driverThe Medicus Driver is a dual hinged golf club training aid that claims that it will help you to create a smoother, more consistent golf swing with better accuracy and increased distance.

It is #1 selling golf swing trainer having sold more than 1,000,000 units, not including their other products.

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The Medicus dual hinge driver features an upgraded 460cc oversized head (like the newer clubs today). With this golf training aid, you should be able to eliminate your hooks and slices. And, in a little time, start hitting longer, straighter shots and eventually lower your golf scores.

How Does the Medicus Driver Work?

Well, the patented dual hinge technology is part of the secret to this club. The Medicus Dual Hinge 460cc Driver detects the flaws in your golf swing and provides you instant feedback.

When you are not swinging correctly, the patented dual hinge breaks down. Letting you know instantly if your swing is off plane or off tempo. Thereby, allowing you to correct the problem immediately.

You will begin to develop muscle memory the more you practice with Medicus Driver. This will allow you to play better with your standard driver. The hinges can be tighten (with the tool provided) so that you can hit with the club. The hinges can be loosen as your swing gets better. This is excellent for golfers with a high handicap.

If you’re still in doubt, then take a look at the endorsements of the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver by Hank Haney, Mark O’Meara, Jack Lumpkin and Bruce Fleischer.

Who Is The Medicus Driver For and Not For?

This swing trainer is great for high handicapper who can’t seem to find a consistent swing. If you have trouble with hooking and slicing, the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is for you. However, if your scores are in the single digits, this club is probably not for you. You might want to take a look at the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing DVD series.

What Are Others Saying About the Medicus Driver?

The following are unsolicited, unbiased reviews of the Medicus Driver. We located these on various forums, shopping reviews, and social media sites. These individuals have actually used the Medicus swing trainer before and received no incentives for their opinions.

Actual Customer Feedback:

This is an excellent club for grooving your swing. After just a few practice sessions, I was completely confident with the driver. The head is 460 cc’s and is stainless steel. The hinge can be adjusted with an allen wrench (included) for sensitivity. The handle is a rubber wrap which a bit too firm for me but is standard in size. You can actually hit with this club but your mechanics have to be ‘perfect’. You learn the importance of tempo, swing plane and proper mechanics. The accompanying video is helpful in the appropriate use of the driver. The swing tips video is also worthwhile.—Excerpt from users review at Amazon

I have both, the driver and the 5 iron. They are great for getting you in proper form. You will notice your swing flaws right away and once you get the feel for the proper swing you will notice your scores come down. I usually use them after the winter break so I can get back into the groove before spring.—Excerpt from users review at Yahoo Answers

The thing I really liked about the Medicus Driver is you can hit balls with it, even with the 460cc head. It took me a few swings as I had some obvious flaws in my golf swing I had no idea were there. Once I got the hang of hitting balls with the Medicus Driver (after about 20 minutes), my swing was no less than amazing. I suddenly realized before the Medicus Driver I had been rushing my take away, now I’m giving my golf swing the time to develop into a powerful and repeatable swing. Even my 13 year old daughter was hitting balls with the Medicus Driver in no time and she’s a beginner golfer!—Excerpt from users review at Golf-Tuition-Online

Based on the general online consensus of unbiased, non-incentive comments and independent test by TaylorMade Performance Lab, Medicus Dual Hinge Driver works as it claims it does.


  • Improve and correct your swing.
  • Improve consistency and control.
  • Teach you to swing in tempo and on plane.
  • Eliminate slices and hooks.
  • Practice your swing indoors or outdoors, at home, on the range or on the course.


  • You have to tighten up the hinges if you want to hit real golf balls.
  • Heavier weight than the conventional driver which may change your perception of feel


The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is well worth the investment. It is easy to use. It is durable and made of quality materials.

The Medicus Driver is designed for amateur golfers who want to improve or correct their golf swing. It would be an additional aid in your golf training equipment.

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