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How To Use Your Right Arm In Golf Swing

Sometimes people ask the question "how do i use my right arm in golf swing?" The answer to this question involves more of a concentration on particular areas, rather than the right arm itself.

A large number of golfers have the misconception that the golf swing involves the use of just the shoulders and arms, when in fact there is a lot more to it.

When you are getting into position to swing, the right wrist, shoulder, and elbow are essential. When you are trying to get more power into your swing, the right elbow plays an imperative role.

Think of it sort of like a spring. When you bend the elbow, you are compressing the energy force behind the spring.

There is a huge correlation between the arm and hand in relationship to your posture, pivot, and grip on the golf club. Any problems you have in these three areas, will likely affect your arms and hand relationship.

Its kind of like what they say, you can’t have one without the other.

When you think of yourself taking a swing, you should envision your body as interconnected. The body effects the arms, the arms have to do with your wrists, which hold the club. Really, the only thing your wrists should do is worry about holding the club.

When you are getting into position, you have the left arm straight and the right slightly bent. You want to keep both of the elbows close together, so that you don’t look like a chicken. Therefore keep the elbows pointed in and not out.

From the perspective of a back swing, you want to extend the left arm as far as possible and keep the right elbow inward and pointing toward the ground. Both of your arms will only go as far as your shoulder allow with bending.

Of course, all of this differs according to every person and how long their arms are as well as the size of their chest.

So this is just an example to give you more understanding of the dynamics involved. As for technical terms, Supinate is something you hear, which refers to making your right arm lay back and derived from supine. Pronate on the other hand, refers to your right arm and with it coming through. When you use both of these two terms together, you are keeping the wrist straight and concentrate on moving the arm in an action.

So in answer to the question on how do i use the right arm in golf swing, the answer is practice. Practice, as you learn different ways and adapt yourself. As you become more in tune with the movements, things become easier.

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